My name is Angie Waldrop and I’m a clinical psychologist (PSY#23535) in San Francisco. I use cognitive-behavioral therapy for a collaborative and evidence-based approach to change. My approach emphasizes self-compassion, acceptance, and a healthy skepticism about our thoughts and the stories we tell ourselves.

Here’s a little bit of what you can expect in our work together:

  • Meet for 1-2 initial visits so that I can begin to get to know you and to help you identify where to focus our time together.

  • Collaborate with you to develop a working plan to address your goals.

  • Meet for individual 50-minute sessions. The frequency will depend on your needs, but typically start with once per week.

  • Practice new skills between sessions.

  • Check in periodically to review our plan and progress towards your goals.

When you feel satisfied that you have reached your therapy goals, we can work together to address new targets or we can wrap up our work together. You may come back if and when you need it for a "tune-up" or to tackle other issues.

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Finding the right match with a therapist is essential for fully engaging in and getting the most out of therapy. I offer a free consultation call to potential new clients.

Call or email me to get started.